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Visitor Registration has always been important to those who value security in their surroundings. Visitor Check In takes the paper sign in sheet to the next level. Our complete systems provide a professional look and feel, functionality, long term reporting and statistics of your visitors. The next time your guest signs in they will know that you are tracking visitations seriously.
  • Track Visitors in your facility
  • Print effective Visitor passes
  • View Visitor Activity from any computer

Perception is Everything!

Having a dedicated system for tracking visitors shows your company is serious about this issue. Exact time of arrival is recorded along with the name and any one of up to 14 reasons for their visit that you have displayed. The reasons for their visit are completely controlled by your staff and can be programmed at any time in just minutes.

Print your Visitor Passes on Standard Labels

After check in, a visitor pass can be printed using a standard Dymo 400 printer attached to any computer monitoring the guest registrations. From the the sidebar you simply click on Print Pass and the information is printed clearly on a standard 4? label. The label can be applied to a carry style card, a necklace card or directly to your clothing. Best of all the labels are available at any standard office supply store.

An Interactive System full of features

Our systems provide an effective announcement panel for use with special occasions, holidays or even advertisements that you may want to display to a visitor. This simple but effective feature is one of the first impressions your visitors will see. Use it to welcome special guests, announce products or post holiday schedules.

Monitor Visitor Registrations from any computer

Interoffice computers can monitor the Visitor Registrations from their computers. The convenient sidebar display allows for the monitoring of guests while keeping your productivity software on the screen at the same time. The sidebar displays the guest name, time and reason for visit along with an acknowledgment button, print guest pass button and a check out button.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

All our systems are backed by a 30 day money back guarantee. We are so confident you will love our system that if you are not completely satisfied just return the unit in the original box in good condition and we will refund your purchase price no questions asked.

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Watch Visitor Activity from any computer using the
Sidebar Display

This Sidebar Display can be shown on any of the computers in your office giving valuable information about the visitor activity