A Simple Lobby Check In App
Visitors enter their name and choose a department or person to see.
A Text message is sent direct to their phone.

Lobby Check In System

Add your employee names and the visitor can page them directly when they arrive.

Salon Suite Check In

Add your stylist names and the customer can page them directly when they arrive.

Great Benefits

Legible Names

It's pretty obvious when it comes to handwriting, a typed name and consistent reason for visit is better!

HIPAA Compliance - Privacy

Today, privacy is crucial to everyones confidence. Having a paper sign in sheet says you don't care about the students privacy.

Accurate Time and Date

Let's face it. People don't estimate time very well. An accurate time stamp will document the visit and punctuality.

Improved Response Times - Less Wait

Visitor Check In can notify the correct department or staff member quickly that someone is waiting.

Free Trial!

Using an Apple iPad, download Visitor Check In from the App Store. Once installed, go to Settings, scroll down to Visitor Check In and put your phone number in the first phone choice button. Run the App and it will send you notifications.

Simple Pricing

Just pay for text messages as you need

Plan A

250 Text Messages


Plan B

500 Messages


Plan C

1000 Messages